Welcome to the application portal for the Hector Research Career Development Award!

Do you want to become a limited term member of the Hector Fellow Academy, receive 25.000€ in research funds and a doctoral researcher position for up to 4 years for your proposed project? Then we look forward to receiving your application.

Before starting your application, please read the following information and the “Instructions for Users” carefully.

To start the application process, please REGISTER. After confirming your registration by e-mail, you can log in to your profile and start completing the online application form.

Motivation letter

Please describe why you want to become a limited term member of the Hector Fellow Academy and how your proposed project connects to the current Hector Fellows and enhances the aims of the Hector Fellow Academy (1 page).

Project proposal for a doctoral thesis

Please describe the project that shall be pursued by a doctoral researcher in the up to 4 years of funding by the HFA (max. 3 pages; excl. references). The doctoral project must not have started yet.

Timeline and work schedule

Please prepare a work schedule and timeline for the project (1 page)

Curriculum vitae

Your CV should include information about: current and previous positions, teaching experience, experience in supervision of students and doctoral researchers since the postdoc phase, acquired third-party funding in k€, an overview of competitive scholarships and grants won plus other relevant awards, public engagement, and outreach activities, patents (max. 5 pages)

List of key publications

Please include a list of your 10 key publications

Copy of doctoral certificate

Please submit a copy of your doctoral certificate (not older than 7 years). If your degree is not in English or German, please provide a translation either into English or German.

For degrees in medicine, please also check the program information.

Template extension of eligibility and documentation if exemption of 7 years post doctorate regulation is applied for

You can find the template on the application platform. Please provide documentation such as birth certificates for each child.

Letter of support by head of institute

The letter of support by the head of your institute should guarantee access to the infrastructure required for the proposed project (e.g. lab space, office space for doctoral researcher, …) and at minimum the right to supervise a doctoral researcher on the content level. Preferably, you are allowed to be the first supervisor.
You can find the template on the application portal.


The Hector Fellow Academy will screen all submitted applications and forward the most promising ones to the Hector Fellows.

Afterwards, the most promising candidates will be invited for a personal presentation (online) in front of a multidisciplinary panel of Hector Fellows on January 26, 2024. We will inform the selected candidates by December 2023. The Award Ceremony will take place on July 10, 2024 during the Hector Fellow Academy Symposium in Hamburg. Participation in person is required. Please schedule accordingly.

Your application will be evaluated based on scientific excellence, innovation and feasibility of the proposed project for doctoral thesis, connectivity to Hector Fellows and the aims of the Hector Fellow Academy.


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